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The Preselected Slicer is a slicer for Power BI where values can be pre-selected by your data.

Use the Preselected Slicer in your Power BI reports to filter other visuals with one of your dimensions, like with a regular slicer. The advantage of the Preselected Slicer is that you can use another column or measure to tell which values must be pre-selected when a user opens the report. Then, instead of modifying the report each time you need to change the default selection, the model will tell the Preselected Slicer which is the default selection. Let's say you have a report with different visuals. You would like to display your charts filtered by the current year or month by default. You can do that with the Preselected Slicer. Your users will still be able to filter on other years or months by changing the current selection. Note: The Preselected Slicer needs a third "technical" measure in order to keep its dirty status updated cross pages.

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