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An advanced visual to show the categorical data in an intuitive way, making comparisons easy.

Rose/Donut/Pie Chart is a powerful visual that lets you build three types of charts - a rose, a donut, and a pie chart. These chart types are commonly used to display part-to-whole relationships, proportions of categorical data, and ratios. Each arc represents the ratio from total for easy comparison.

This visual offers 7 color schemes, dynamic images, center circle, conditional formatting, annotation, ranking with "others" and more.

Check out the live demo here.

To access all the advanced settings features, click the gear "⚙️" icon in the top-right corner.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Chart Options: Choose from a rose, donut, and pie chart types and customize the chart style, angle of first slice, Donut inner radius and more.
  • Data Color: Offers 30+ color palettes including color-blind safe mode for better accessibility.
  • Fill Patterns: Apply patterns by picking from a wide range of options or add your own image as pattern.
  • Data Labels: Add Data labels and Leaf labels to improve readability.
  • Arc Settings: Easily customize the arc radius, padding, and stroke width.
  • Ranking: Filter out Top/Bottom N by value. Show remaining values as “Others”.
  • Center Circle:  Design the Center circle with multiple layer options. Add text, icons, measure, and images.
  • Mouseover Text: Enhance interactivity by displaying dynamic details in the Center when you hover over the arcs.
  • Image Labels: Add dynamic image URLs as labels inside or outside to enhance the visual representation.
  • Conditional Formatting: Easily find outliers by using rules for measures or categories. Set up smart rules based on values, the top and bottom N, and the percentage of the total.
  • Annotation: Creates multiple stories out of the same visual. Add comments to allow users to collaborate and easily understand each node in depth.
  • Grid View: Transforms the visual into an interactive table. Use pivot mode, filter, search, and sort capabilities for quick data scanning.
  • Show condition: Show/hide the visual based on a condition.
  • Native Features - Supports native features including cross-filtering, interaction, selection, tooltip, bookmark, and context menu.

Business Use Cases:

  1. Finance: Visualize budget allocations, showing the distribution of expenses among categories, making financial planning more accessible.
  2. Healthcare: Display disease prevalence among different age groups, aiding in public health policy decisions.
  3. E-commerce: Represent product category sales percentages, helping to identify top-selling items and optimize inventory.
  4. Education: Showcase student grade distributions, assisting educators in understanding class performance trends.
  5. Customer Demographics: Help businesses understand their customer base by showing the proportion of different age, gender, or location groups.


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