Adastra IoT Platform


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Comprehensive IoT solution with the flexibility for customizations according to customer's needs.

IoT solution consists of the following components:

IoT scenarios providing acquisition of the necessary measurements / sensor data, including:​

  • People Counting, Queue Management, Face Detection, Tracking, Digital tools data, Applications​

IoT platform provides:

  • Data processing (covering data from different sources, including data from IoT scenarios and data from operation systems)​
  • Data consolidation, analytics and storage. Various types of storage are available, their use depends on the nature of the data and the complexity of its processing and analysis.​
  • Data access for applications, reporting and analysis, or for integration into other systems.​

Reporting platform provides:

  • Easy to use interactive dashboards
  • Tool to create ad-hoc analysis and dashboards
  • Portal for dashboards publication. Dashboards are accessible via Web browser or Mobile viewer

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