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SphereShield performs Audio and Video analysis on recorded meetings for DLP and eDiscovery needs.

Main features:
  • Transcribe all recorded audio to 70+ languages
  • Analyse on-screen video with OCR
  • Search all meeting content using eDiscovery
  • Inspect meeting audio and video content by DLP policies
  • Ethical Wall - Enforce company policy on meeting attendee
  • On premises Archiving
  • Advanced AI and NLP Analytics


Transcribe all recorded meetings audio

Support audio transcription for 70 languages
Automatic language detection and Speaker enumeration: which speaker spoke which words and when.

Search meeting content using eDiscovery

Dates, Attendees names and type (internal/external), Text, Audio, Video, Keywords, Labels, Names, Etc.


-Inspect meeting audio and video for DLP policy compliance.
-Use SphereShield built-in DLP engine or integrate with leading vendors.
-Works with Symantec, McAfee, Google, GTB and Forcepoint.
-Smart DLP incidents with link to video and transcript time of violation

Ethical Wall

Validate meeting attendee using configurable compliance policies


Option to store video archiving on prem or on VPS

Advanced AI and NLP Analytics

for detection of:

-Named entities (products, countries, etc.)
-Emotion detection: Extract from what's being said and voice tonality emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, or fear.
-Sentiments detection – positive / negative
-Automatic video scenes generation
-Labels and Keywords


Recording Enforcement Policy
  • Force recording
  • Allow / Block ability to record
  • Parameters of enforcement:
    • Meeting With External
    • Per Groups
    • Per User
    • Per Domain

Share Video Externally
  • User can get public link to Video in order to share with any user outside or inside the Company

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