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HomeSecure provides cyber security for Smart Homes and visibility into the Home Network

Introducing Allot HomeSecure – Zero-Touch Smart Home Security for Seamless Protection

In today's evolving threat landscape, homes are prime targets for cyber threats spanning PCs, smartphones, and IoT devices. Allot HomeSecure, available through Communication and Internet Service Providers (CSP & ISP), delivers comprehensive security without requiring replacement of existing Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

Key Features:

Remote Device Protection:
Allot HomeSecure effortlessly integrates a lightweight security agent within the CPE, ensuring automatic defense against malware, phishing, botnets, and more for mobile, PC, and IoT devices.

Intuitive Management Portal:
Users gain control via a user-friendly web portal, offering comprehensive oversight of home network security and per-user parental controls.

Multi-Layered Security:

  • Protecting Connected Devices: Smart algorithms identify and block external threats (malware, and phishing), issuing real-time notifications and user-friendly reports.
  • Secure Smart Home Network: Detects internal threats, including common password use and brute force attacks, ensuring IoT device safety and preventing lateral movement in case of an infection.
  • Harden the CPE: Allot HomeSecure fortifies the router against attacks, enforcing password strength and safeguarding against DNS tampering.

Zero-Touch Activation:
Allot HomeSecure is designed for simplicity. Users require no installations or configurations; activation ensures immediate protection for their home network.

Parental Control:
In addition to default Threat Protection, account managers can establish parental control policies for each child, managing web content exposure and offering time management features to regulate screen time.

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