Alpha Hub

Autor: Alpha Fin Tech

Enable 100’s of new and manage current vendors via one standardized interface and dynamic api

for Financial Institutions and large commerce enterprises What The Alpha Hub Does for You: 1 - Adds Revenue while saving costs Up-sell new products instantly Maintain 1 API vs 100’s Lower OpEx via smart routing 2 - Enables Personalization Smart route across several vendors versus being limited to one or a few 3 - Frees Resources From undifferentiated heavy lifting: Vendor sourcing, integration, reconciliation & maintenance 4 - Simplifies Cross-Selling Every sale is an entry point. Once integrated, new product enablement is seamless via Alpha 5 - Introduces Actionable Intelligence More Data attained, consolidated, reconciled & standardized = Increased insight that can be converted to Actionable Intelligence 6 - Remove Legacy Pain Remove product contraints Migrate customers and merchants to a more flexible and industry leading platform and solution

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