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CRM for pre-sales, sales nurturing and customer service: field service or in own service centers

Saleswah CRM: Sales and Service CRM for pre-sales, sales nurturing, and customer service

Looking for a CRM that can manage your entire customer facing processes from pre-sales to post sales service in a simple to use package, is highly configurable, connected to office 365 and is reasonably priced?

Saleswah CRM is a complete CRM that helps manage the customer life-cycle from pre-sales lead generation to sales nurturing to post sales service management. Built on rock solid MS-SQL Server it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

Sales CRM

The sales CRM is for customers who are running a sales operation focused on selling to other businesses. It is best suited for managing sales where multiple decision makers are involved, sales go through multiple stages of decision making and managing teams, territories, and targets.

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Sales CRM Features:

  • Profile and activity management: Contacts, Accounts, Tasks, Appointments, Calendar, Visits,
  • Sales Nurturing: Leads, Deals, Quotations, Purchase Order, Email campaign management.
  • Mobile App: Full function; for the salesperson in the field. Android only.

Sales CRM Benefits:

  • Customizable by the user- fast rollout and adoption, save on cost of implementation. Ease of use and adoption.

  • Integrations: Office 365, Google Workspace, AWS SES, IndiaMart, QuickBooks. Office 365 integrations help in convenient data exchange of contacts, tasks, and appointments.
  • Service CRM

    The service CRM is used for managing repair and maintenance activities of capital goods, office equipment, or domestic appliances in field or own service centers. Extremely customizable, it can be configured for virtually any type of product, any maintenance requirement.

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    Service CRM Features:

    • Installed base management: Installation sites, Accounts for billing, Site contacts, Equipment configuration
    • Warranty and AMC: Totally customizable AMC and warranty management, Tracking at serial number level
    • Service Tickets management: Breakdown/ Repair, Scheduled/ Preventive maintenance, Installation, Refuel/ Refilling
    • Spares and consumables: Spares inventory management, usage tracking
    • Commercials: Itemized Repair estimate, Itemized GST invoices after repair, Payment Gateway integration

    Service CRM Benefits:

    • Logical workflow: Shipment to install to start warranty and all repair and maintenance.
    • Easy configuration for multi-product, multi-customer, multi-region environment, field service or service center operations.
    • Optional app based logging of customer complaints
    • Integrations: Office 365, Google Workspace, QuickBooks Online. Full function Mobile App (Android)

    What our customers say

    “It is easy to use and easy to implement.. and the customer service to customize was GREAT! The system is simple to learn, and task require very few keystrokes. “- General Manager of a large MNC

    “Asset Management, Productivity of service staff. Overall experience has been quite effective. We have managed to plug leaks in material consumption and improve service level assurance for customers. The software is easy to operate, and minimal training is required. Business processes are integrated very effectively

    ” – CEO – large Telecom Company.

    About us

    Anwesha CRM Pvt Ltd is a software products company based out of India with customers in more than 12 countries around the globe. We build and support Saleswah CRM, a “web first, mobile first” software to manage the customer experience.

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