Anzu Platform


The first programmatic monetization platform that respects gamers

Anzu empowers game developers to generate high revenues with in-game advertising. Take a share of an estimated $25bn marketplace through native ad placements that don’t disrupt — but enhance — the gaming experience. Monetize any game object and create significant and sustainable income streams. With brands currently spending over $550bn per year on advertising and over half of that on digital channels, developers stand to benefit from the massive influx of advertising budgets moving in-game.

Anzu’s tech provides creative rendering functions for perfectly matching ad formats to the gaming worlds in which they appear. Its SDK technology, integrated into games, delivers high-quality direct traffic with complete control over ad placements and first-party data.

Anzu is also the sole licensed in-game advertising provider for Xbox. As a licensed Xbox middleware provider, Anzu provides services to the broad community of Xbox developers and helps them monetize their audiences in new ways while keeping the UX at the front. As well as Xbox, Anzu also works with some of the world’s biggest game companies, including Sony, Ubisoft, Nacon, and Lion Castle Entertainment.

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