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Sync contacts and collaborate with colleagues, interact with customers, manage your business better.

Apptivo - Office 365 integration allows you to sync contacts between your Apptivo and Microsoft account effortlessly and manage all your contacts in one central database. This helps you to improve teams' productivity, customer interaction, satisfaction, and uncover more leads. And it’s 100% free to get started.

With Apptivo - Office 365 contact sync, you can:

1. Centralized location for all your contacts - Maintain your contacts from multiple sources in a centralized cloud space book, and access them from anywhere, anytime.

2. Collaborate with your team - Communicate with your colleagues in real-time, share notes and critical information to keep everyone on the same page.

3. Engage prospects and customers - Interacts with potential and existing customers swiftly and keep customers smiling and close more deals.

4. Stay mobile - Manage your contacts on the go using the Apptivo All-In-One app that is available for iPhone and Android devices.


Apptivo comes packaged suite of business apps giving you powerful free marketing, customer support tools and invoicing tools that helps you to manage all the aspects of your business from one solution. The perfect business operating system to build your business on.


In addition to Office 365, Apptivo integrates with QuickBooks, PieSync, Apptivo Invoice, G Suite and other popular software applications.


- Free plan - $0/account: 3 Users - 500MB/Business - Basic Contact Sharing - Standard Support

- Premium plan $8/User/MO: 3GB/user - 2,000 API Calls - 3rd-Party Services

- Ultimate plan $ 25/User/MO: 10GB/user - 20,000 API Calls - 3rd-Party Services Integration - Priority Support

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Apptivo is a cloud software with over 50+ apps for all types of businesses. Whether you’re a freelancer, a consultant, in construction, or even an e-commerce store, Apptivo can work for you. Each app is designed to solve a unique problem, integrating apps for a seamless solution for every business process. Track sales through CRM, send online invoices, manage an unlimited number of projects and more, Apptivo does it all.

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