SmartTAP 360° Live

Autor: AudioCodes

SmartTAP 360° Live - Enterprise Interactions Recording & Capturing Solution for Microsoft Teams

AudioCodes SmartTAP 360⁰ Live is an intelligent, fully-secured enterprise compliance-recording solution, allowing companies to capture and index all customer or organizational interactions through UC Environments without compromising security and data protection. Companies using Microsoft Teams can seamlessly apply SmartTAP 360° Live to record all online voice, video and IMs interactions for later-stage AI analysis and for meeting regulatory compliance demands.

Advanced Key Compliance Features

  • Manual pause/resume for real-time PCI compliance recording
  • Integrated recording notifications for MiFID II compliance
  • Dedicated deletion and retention policies with local (national) storage capabilities for GDPR Compliance
  • Audit trail digital signatures and authentication of all recordings for E-Discovery Compliance

Technical highlights

  • Fully compatible and seamlessly integrated to any Microsoft Teams environment
  • Supports multiple call types including internal, external and mobile calls, with as well as remote interactions with federated users
  • Interactions recordings can be stored locally on-premise

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