AI.DATALIFT by Automated Intelligence

Autor: automated intelligence

AI.DATALIFT by Automated Intelligence enables strategic digital transformation initiatives


Detailed Analysis of Data

Data Activity Timeline

Explore Data based on File Metadata or

Explore Data based on File Content

Explore Data based on Governance Status

Explore Data based on Security Status

Scheduled Reports

Advanced Queries


Policy-based Migration of Data to SharePoint Online

Structure and Metadata retained during Migration

Links within Documents and Spreadsheets handled during Migration


Classification of Data

“Archive to Azure” Policies

Defensible Deletion Policies

Policy Action Review and Approval


Analysis of Risk from Storing Sensitive Data

Comprehensive workflows for Subject Access Requests and Right to Erasure/Right to be Forgotten

General Functionality

User Identity and Access Managed with Azure Active Directory

Multiple Supported Source Systems

Move to the Cloud with Azure Data Box or Secure Network Connection

Scheduled Scanning to Suit Business Needs

Hosted Securely in the Customer’s Azure Tenant

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