Curricula for Modern Digital Learning

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Deliver online learning in the cloud that works for students and educators


Curricula is a cloud-based learning delivery system built for Microsoft Teams that enables organizations to create, manage, and deliver engaging and interactive training that fits your team's needs.

Whether self-paced and on-demand, or instructor-led and blended, there is a delivery method that fits your training needs. Build, import, or integrate content easily to create your training program, that can be delivered online, live in a meeting room, or as social cohorts in Teams.

With Curricula, employees can get the most out of their learning while businesses make the most out of Microsoft 365.

“Curricula” – Work and Learn in the Same Place.

Completely integrated with Microsoft Teams (and Viva Learning too), your team can access the training they need, when they need it, without interrupting their workflow. This creates a culture of continuous learning, maximizing the impact for every employee.

Access training from anywhere in your organization (Stream, SharePoint, LinkedIn, Custom Training, and more) right from Teams, with our Teams Classrooms for social learning, and Teams App dashboard for individual tasks and courses.

· Onboarding – easily create New Hire cohorts for social onboarding.

· Reskilling – discover new skills and courses through Viva Learning and Curricula.

· Mandatory Training – make it easy for employees to access their required training.

“Curricula Plus” – Double the value of your LMS with included Microsoft 365 Training

39% of employees are concerned they’re not getting sufficient training in digital and technology skills from their employer.

With Curricula Plus, our Curricula solution comes pre-loaded with over 1000 hours of bite-sized Microsoft 365 training content, created and updated regularly by product experts. Spanning engaging topics from beginner to expert, Curricula Plus’s content can equip your team with essential Microsoft 365 skills and accelerate adoption.

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