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Automated student administration from enrolment to graduation, to digitally enable a holistic suite

Vitae is a student management system designed for higher education institutions to productively manage student services, course administration, finance management, and academic services in a personalized way via a holistic online platform.

With Vitae, you can transform one-off learning experiences into comprehensive skills development journeys to suit your students’ learning aspirations. Explore unparalleled automation in the way you can manage course payments and grant claims, certification, academic advisement and more with just one platform.
Redefining the Modern Student Experience

Unlike general ERP systems, Vitae has bespoke features targeted at streamlining critical operations such as admissions, enrolment, assessments, graduation and alumni management. Vitae breaks down information silos across your institution and help elevate productivity and service quality.

Automating Course & Program Administration

Built in with business process automation to streamline student administration, Vitae brings together your ecosystem of educators, administrators, module leaders, and students to collaborate on one platform as your single source of truth. Track all student administration activities, including progress and completions, in real-time in one dashboard.

Drive Student Success, with Added Convenience

You can now tailor convenient course applications according to student profiles. Vitae’s student portal tracks all upcoming learning activities to foster better student accountability. Enrich students’ continuous learning experience with personalized course recommendations to nudge learning across various skills pathways.

Enhance Educators’ Productivity

Vitae maximizes lesson time by digitalizing attendance taking, teaching claims, and grading. Academic and resource availability are automatically deconflicted in during pre-term scheduling. Enjoy instant flexibility to arrange make up sessions for students anytime during the term.

Self-service Portals Integrated with Your Learning Ecosystem

No more long wait times for student requests or navigating multiple systems to make operational decisions. Vitae’s intuitively designed self-service portals helps you scale and provision instant services for your education community. Access all services and information conveniently within Vitae, as it integrates with your HR payroll, finance, learning and assessment systems.

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