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A complete browser-based workspace which integrates Microsoft 365 and gives access to applications.

With all the applications moving to the browser, the traditional desktop approach is no longer viable for most businesses.

Persona365 allows you to deliver a modern workspace, managing hosted and on-premise apps, integrating and simplifying Microsoft 365, providing Single Sign On based on Azure AD and giving access to legacy Windows applications in a complete browser-based workspace.

Persona365 is easy to manage and makes it easier to work and access applications from any device.
With the unlimited flexibility of the Azure cloud, additional apps and servers can instantly be deployed.

Persona365 secures corporate assets from data leakage and malicious activity, combined with encryption, two-factor authentication and single sign-on.


  • Start managing the digital workspace quickly
  • Balance security and productivity
  • Manage security more efficiently
  • Deliver customizable workspaces in seconds to users or group of users
  • Leverage existing corporate applications to maximize current investments
  • Scale the organization’s infrastructure up or down aligning with your business needs

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