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The #1 No-Code and Citizen Development Platform

Enable more of your workforce to build applications with the #1 citizen development platform for enterprises. Cloud-based Betty Blocks fits seamlessly into existing IT architectures and way of work. You can build almost anything without a single line of code. But, if needed, you can enhance the no-code environment any way you like, ensuring you never get stuck in the development process. This way you’re extensible on any level.

User Interface Builder

With the User Interface Builder, you drag and drop any front end you like. From customer portals to dynamic web apps, and everything in between. Feeling venturous? Combine it with any JS framework - like Angular or Vue.js - for full freedom and flexibility. With Betty Blocks all your UI’s are cross-platform and multi-device ready. 

Visual modeling

We want to make application development faster and accessible for everyone and do this by replacing code for visual modeling. Visual modeling means that instead of showing code, we show you a visual representation of your app, UI, and logic.


Building apps with reusable building blocks makes the development process easy and fast. With pre-configured building blocks, non-developers are able to build advanced applications. Reusability leads to faster time-to-market, and easy building introduces non-developers to the development process.

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