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No.1 Mobile Sales Force Automation Software in the Middle East & Africa

Are you facing a problem knowing the whereabouts of your salesmen?

Automate your salesmen business tasks, including Journey Planning, Contact Management, Order Processing; Invoicing, Inventory Control, Tracking and Customer Management.

What is Sales Buzz?
A Mobile Sales Force Automation Software. Via PDAs, tablets & Android devices, you will be able to empower your sales force, merchandizers and distribution channels to increase revenue and improve customer service.
We are specialized in the FMCG and Distribution Business, we know the exact requirements and pains faced and we have a solution for each and every challenge.
We have numerous successful implementations with more than 25000 salesmen operating with BI-Technologies.
Sales Buzz in over than 19 countries in the Middle East & Africa.

Our promise to provide:
Vast experience.
Fast implementation.
Honesty & Integrity.
Quality & Value.
Help & Support.

An offer to get you started:
Start increasing your sales revenue with managing your existing Sales Team more efficiently.
Sign up now for Sales Buzz on Azure & start benefiting without big initial cost.
Minimize your implementation cost.
In a couple of months you can have the system up and running.

Tangible Benefits / Desired Outcomes:
More Control through proof of visit for every customer visited by your sales team.
Enforcement of Promotions and Pricing to reach your customers.
Salesmen KPIs & commission calculation will be based on their handhelds to know their incentives instantly by each visit.

Why BI-Technologies?
Vast experience in business solutions with hundreds of customers in over 19 countries.
One Stop Shop, We are your One Business Solutions Partner along the road-map.
Partners NOT vendors.
Zero failure in our implementation projects in the Middle East & African Markets.

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