Indicators & Dimensions Definition Tool

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Solution for the management and publication of indicators & dimensions data and their relation.

Indicators & Dimensions Definition Tool covers one of the main gaps that exist in the vast majority of organizations. To have an environment where both functional and IT users can consult in an agile and simple way what indicators and dimensions they have as well as their metadata thanks to the Indicators and Dimensions Cards, as well as to know by which dimensions they can analyze each one of the indicators thanks to the Matrix Bus.


Indicator Card

It includes all possible metadata of the indicator, both functional and technical:

  • Name, description, purpose, calculation method, display order, functional area, responsible for the indicator, data origin, ...
Presents information on a screen with easy access through filters

Dimension sheet

It includes the dimensions by which each indicator can be analysed.

Each dimension will have:

  • Hierarchical structure in levels
  • Attributes of each level
  • Technical details such as source and detail system

Bus Matrix
It shows the relationship between indicators and dimensions in a graphical or tabular display. 
  • By indicator group
  • By indicator
  • By dimension
The Matrix Bus is a key tool for data modelling and subsequent consultation and analysis.

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