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iMonitor is a cloud solution for tracking and reporting on music and ad content on radio and TV.

iMonitor tracks any radio and TV channel based on the customer requirement which can include online streams and venues.
Clients can also upload and fingerprint their own custom content and ingest additional live streams for identification and monitoring.
The platform provides the metadata that enables reporting for rights distribution, market intelligence or performance and usage tracking.

iMonitor provides the following key features:

1. Content Fingerprinting: creating a unique identifier for any piece of audio content which can be tracked across multiple platforms

2. Broadcast Monitoring: tracking precisely when, where and how the content is being used on broadcast and streaming services for rights reporting and distribution

3. Venue Monitoring: identifying and tracking content played in venues such as clubs, restaurants, retailers, or any other venue where music is played.

4. Statistics & Measurement: Track and measure placement performance across broadcast and streaming channels

iMonitor is targeted at industry bodies, creative and production entities, broadcasters and advertisers that need to identify, monitor, track and report on content usage.

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