Snowflake for Public Sector on Azure: Carahsoft Bundle

Autor: Carahsoft Technology Corporation

Snowflake™ allows you to build a modern data architecture with leading a Cloud Data Platform

Snowflake helps customers transform their businesses by creating value from governed data globally in Microsoft Azure. As a single platform offered as a service, Snowflake enables many different workloads with the performance and scale required by large and small organizations across any industry.

Snowflake allows you to build a modern data architecture with a leading Cloud Data Platform. As a single platform that enables secure and governed access to all data and supports many workloads, it helps eliminate the complexity, cost and constrains introduced with other approaches. Available on Microsoft Azure, Snowflake can support a wide range of workloads – from data warehousing to data lake to data science – allowing you to deliver as much data as you need to as many data consumers that need it.

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