CloudGuard Posture Management for Azure

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Gain visibility and automate security and compliance across your cloud environments

Most successful attacks on cloud services are due to customer misconfigurations or poor management. CloudGuard’s CSPM solution provides security, governance, and compliance automation for your Azure environments. Visualize and assess security posture, detect misconfigurations, automate compliance reporting, and actively enforce gold standard policies to protect against attacks and insider threats.

CloudGuard integrates with Azure Security Center, Azure Kubernetes Service, and more to provide a combination of rulesets, visibility, reporting, and OS-level scanning to strengthen security across environments. Be confident that data, information, and workloads have policies applied consistently wherever they are. Leverage the efficiencies, power, and features of Azure, resulting in better performance and higher uptime.


• SaaS platform for posture management, workload protection and intelligence

• Automated, continuous compliance, policy enforcement, and remediation

• Enriched visualizations interpret cloud traffic and identities, providing easy-to-follow forensics

• Intrusion detection and threat hunting with anomaly detection and ML

Key Benefits:

• Manage posture and automate security across multi-cloud environments

• Integrates with Azure Security Center, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Function, Network Security Group, and Azure AD

• Discover vulnerabilities, compromised workloads, open ports, and misconfigurations using the network and asset visualization tool

• Get real-time detection alerts and automated remediation with CloudBots

• Manage the compliance lifecycle for standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST CSF/800-53 and more with 1800+ preset rules

• Create custom rules and queries with unique restrictions and governance practices using the Governance Specification Language (GSL)

• Protect against compromised credentials and identity theft with granular permissions and control over IAM users and roles

Get faster and more effective cloud security operations, pain-free compliance and governance, and rugged DevOps practices.

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