Cx Antisocial Behaviour

Autor: Civica

Cx ASB supports all aspects of the management of ASB - incidents, orders and notices

Cx ASB is a browser enabled system supporting all aspects of the management of ASB (anti social behaviour) - incidents, community protection orders and community protection notices, providing intelligent case association to provide intelligence to teams.  It offers efficiencies via workflow and document automation - e.g. communication - and decision making. 

The case creation process of Cx Anti Social Behaviour draws attention to other similar cases already existing in the system.  The end user is then able to decide whether to append information (incidents, complainants, perpetrators) to an existing case, create a new case and link to an existing, or create a new isolated incident report.  This ensures reduction in duplicated cases and increases in awareness of similar incidents.


The ability to describe multiple complainants, multiple perpetrators – including groups / gangs – and multiple incidents within a single case.  This also ensures that case officers have a consolidated view of the issue and reach the most appropriate outcome.

When viewing individual cases, officers are presented with a list of all associated cases and have direct access to them, to understand the extent of related issues.  Officers can also select a contact within the system, and view all of the cases associated to them, to understand previous allegations / previous action taken against them. 

Decisions based on information managed in Cx are also fully supported by the task path capability, which then guides officers through the subsequent preferred route in the process. This takes the responsibility of determining the correct process away from officers, ensuring that consistent outcomes are reached. 

Civica is able to offer Cx Anti Social Behaviour pre-configured with all required values, allowing immediate use of the system and reducing the burden on system administrators.  This combined with a rapid deployment process means that the fast adoption of Civica Cx Antisocial Behaviour is possible, ensuring that maximum value of Cx is achieved immediately.

Key features include:

  • ASB incident and case creation
  • Case management workflow
  • Personalised dashboards
  • Form builder
  • Intuitive interface and tools
  • Basic ledger capability
  • Communications engine
  • OS Places integration
  • Rychlý přehled