Connective eSignatures

Autor: Nitro Sign Premium

The complete solution for digital signatures, intuitive, compliant and secure!

With Connective eSignatures you'll easily transform any paper-based customer journey (e.g. digital onboarding, KYC and contract management) into an unparalleled digital user experience. From consumer purchases, business to business transactions, governmental administration, with Connective eSignatures, you´ll mange these daily processes in an efficient, secure and above all digital way. Our vast range of signing methods enhance user experience. Connective eSignatures is known for integrating the best-of-breed European identification & signature methods (such as beID, IDIN, FranceConnect, Itsme®, SMS- or email OTP and more) so that our clients can do business any place, anywhere, anytime – in a fully digital way. Through self-explanatory wizards you´ll offer the user an unparalleled user experience, whilst taking all regulatory and security requirements into account.

*Offer your clients to do business with you from their smartphone, web or in-branch in a full digital way.
*Securely identify and onboard new clients in a remote digital way.
*Transform Customer Experience from in-branch to any place, any time, anywhere
*Strengthen legal & compliance position
*Increase productivity by reducing handling costs

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