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Professional engagement, employee integration and team cohesion with Comeet!

"The way you treat your employees is the way they treat your customers ..." Richard Branson, Virgin CEO

Benefits brought by Comeet
General management, HR, employees, accompany your transformations, federate your teams and encourage the feeling of belonging.

Commitment and productivity
13% of employees say they are engaged in a business while a hired employee is up to 40% more productive (Gallup Institute - 2013)

Integration of employees
86% of new hires make the decision to stay or leave in the first 6 months (Stepstone - 2017)

Team cohesion
80% of employees rely on colleagues in case of difficulties (IPSOS - 2016)

Quest for meaning
44% of managers and 49% of employees consider social link to be the first notion of quality of life at work (Malakoff Mederic)

In order to overcome the malaise in the company, Comeet has developed an intelligent application that places the human at the center of the corporate life by organizing activities between employees.

All documentation is available in French. Application is multi-language.

features Our artificial intelligence offers personalized meetings depending on the profile and desires of each: lunch, afterwork, sports or cultural activity ...

Founder of happytech Federating the actors of employee well-being is also the goal of the co-founders of Comeet. An ambition made possible with the creation of a group of startups dedicated to well-being at work. The aim is to help new functions such as the Chief Happiness Officers (CHO), structure their work by proposing concrete solutions.

Our application is available in several languages but legal documents and Privacy Policy is available in French and English below on the provided link.

This application is mainly available in French and in several languages but legal documents and conditions are available in French and English. Other documentation is only available in French.

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