Autor: Curved Stone

The all-in-one enterprise platform that accelerates innovation by allowing you to use Generative AI

WorkflowGPT is an enterprise-grade platform that allows you to experiment safely and securely using Generative AI. Accelerate innovation by harnessing the power of ChatGPT to leverage your data and documents, discovering new ways of using this groundbreaking technology that work for your use cases. This groundbreaking Generative AI technology is accessible and usable straight out of the box, with various different workflows available on our experimental licence that allow you to experiment with the technology with some common use cases. Our out-of-the-box workflows include: Semantic Search, Document Chat, SafeChat and Speed Reader.

We offer a range of supporting services to aid adoption and operationalisation, including: end-user training, use case identification, data synthesising, and algorithm & prompt engineering. We can customise your experience to suit your specific use case.

If you work in the professional service industry, and want to keep up with the latest technology and working practices, you need to be using Generative AI. You need somewhere you can use this technology safely, so you can work directly on your company’s and client’s data. You need space to understand how this technology might work best for you and you need room to grow in this space. You need WorkflowGPT.

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