Dexon BPM

Autor: Dexon Software

Dexon BPM is an integral tool for the digitalization of business processes

Dexon BPM is an integral tool for the digitalization of business processes, whose purpose is to support organizations to advance their digital transformation. Dexon BPM is a SaaS on the cloud product. Dexon BPM allows our clients to digitalize any business process, to do this, our software allows three steps: 1. Model the enterprise architecture (strategic goals, data model, organizational structure, information systems, processes, people) 2. Simulate one process running alone, or the entire company running all their processes, allows our client to discover inefficiencies, bottlenecks, sub utilized resources, overwork, calculates the cost of running each process instance as well the processing capacity: how many instances can the company run of each process each month. 3. Automatize all modelled processes: with zero effort generate a fully functional implementation to execute the model, this includes user interfaces, integration with other information systems, business rules, validations, and KPI dashboards. Dexon BPM orchestrates the workflow integrating existing information systems and people, it also complies with the highest information security standards including PCI-DSS,for the banking industry, DoD for defense organizations and ISO 27001.

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