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Personalized, easy to manage - professional education platform for universities and enterprises.

e - l e a Technology  professional LMS - Learning Management System.

Every platform based on e - l e a technology is personalized for every university and enterprise.

The e - l e a Technology based platform - Organizations 1000 plus - plan details:

  • not limited volume of educational materials divided on categories, courses, education modules.

Education Modules are virtual classes + videos + audios + graphics + exams + quizzes.

  • chatroom, communicator for individual and grup learning
This application is available in [English, Polish,  German, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian]

Contact me:

Market Development Manager: Maciej Czerniawski +48 609 595 095

Commercial Director: Justyna Jurgiewicz + 48 500 11 22 22

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