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EASA enables codeless creation of web apps that drive existing Excel spreadsheets and other software

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used business tool, and no wonder – it has unmatched flexibility, agility and familiarity.

However, Excel is a desktop solution, not an enterprise tool. When complex spreadsheets, often with VBA and macros, are shared with multiple users the result is usually "spreadsheet chaos": loss of version control, unsecured intellectual property, compromised reliability and integrity, and lack of an audit trail.

With EASA, you can keep your spreadsheets and the flexibility and familiarity that comes with them, while eliminating the chaos. EASA enables authorized users to access your company's most critical spreadsheets via browser-based apps, which are easily built within EASA's low-code environment. This means any connected mobile or desktop device can be used - there is no requirement to have Excel installed client-side.

The template spreadsheet exists only on a secure server, so there is no downloading, copying, or emailing involved - just the full functionality of your most important spreadsheets, available to multiple authorized users, via a fit-for-purpose web app.

Since there is no conversion or alteration of your template Excel spreadsheet, EASA allows the use of spreadsheets with VBA, macros and advanced formulas - unlike other Excel to web technologies.

Typical applications include spreadsheets used for pricing and proposal generation, financial models, engineering and scientific models. Apps built with EASA can be deployed via SharePoint or via CRM systems such as or MS Dynamics.

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