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Peoplise is a Recruitment Automation Platform

Peoplise is the right platform for businesses who needs to automate their recruiting process , especially for Finance, Manufacturing and Retail industries who manages mass recruitment.

With Peoplise businesses can easily create their recruitment process flow. They can add filtering questions, online assessments and online live interview steps to their recruitment flow. All steps can be automated and HR teams just reviews the results.

Attracting talent is one thing, finding out the fit between the candidate and the job is another. We bring vigour of psychometrics, ease of video technologies and discipline of analytics together to help you develop a great position flow for the right analysis.

Recruit from social media with the ease and confidence of our innovative campaign editor. Run your own campaigns, manage your ads for maximum talent attraction, minimizing agency costs. Invoke curiosity, and have meaningful interactions with your candidates to generate more leads, more conversions and high quality candidates.

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