Elqano Knowledge Sharing ChatBot


Elqano is a chatbot powered Knowledge Management solution.

Elqano : a Chatbot powered Knowledge Management solution. With the emergence of Microsoft Teams, a significant amount of knowledge and documents is shared via MS Teams and stored on private SharePoints. A very limited proportion of employees will take the time to select the right documents and share them on a dedicated knowledge platform. Elqano is a ChatBot that enables employees to instantly gather knowledge from their peers and KM leaders to automatically capture knowledge stored on private SharePoints/Teams. It works in four steps : 1. Each employee can ask any question to Elqano Bot within Microsoft Teams 2. The bot analyzes the question and then parses private Teams and SharePoint to find who has the answer. 3. The question is directed to the employees who have the answer. They feel responsible to answer and share their knowledge/documents to help a colleague. 4. The answer and attached documents are saved and can be searched via existing knowledge platforms.
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