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Marketing automation, email marketing, landing pages, social media, surveys, contact scoring & more.

Automate targeted marketing campaigns and more using your Dynamics data.

The emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, you'll swear it's built just for you. That's because it is. Created by a digital marketing agency that specializes in email, the emfluence Marketing Platform's features are developed around what marketers need to create, track, and deploy successful digital marketing campaigns. Take advantage of email marketing, email automation workflows, social media scheduling, surveys, landing pages, website tracking, web forms, and more, all powered by the data you already collect in Dynamics.

With the emfluence Marketing Platform, you can:
•    Launch triggered or scheduled email campaigns powered by Dynamics data or status changes
•    Build responsive, attractive emails with no coding experience necessary using a drag-and-drop Email Builder
•    Schedule and send social media messages across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
•    Launch surveys with dynamic endings and branching capabilities
•    Create landing pages and forms to collect inbound leads
•    Track and create targeted messages for website visitors based on pages they viewed
•    Follow the development of long- and short-term nurture leads with up to five contact scoring models
•    Build campaign-level reports to automatically send to yourself and others on a scheduled basis
•    Map to either custom or standard entities and standard or custom fields in Dynamics

…and more.

The emfluence Marketing Platform routinely earns marks from its users as one of the quickest to learn and most user-responsive marketing automation platforms on the market today, with support requests averaging a close time that’s five times faster than the industry average.

No one-to-one licensing for Dynamics and the emfluence Marketing Platform is required. The emfluence Marketing Platform also integrates with Zapier, WordPress, Return Path, Google Analytics, YEXT, Email on Acid, among others, and it has an open API for custom integrations.

The emfluence Marketing Platform has been supporting digital marketers around the globe since 2003. emfluence also offers digital marketing consulting services designed to help customers with email strategy, marketing automation management, or CRM and marketing automation platform integration strategy.

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