EncompaaS Intelligent Information Management

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EncompaaS allows enterprises to harness the value of information with next-gen AI

EncompaaS is a modern information management solution that empowers enterprises to achieve their digital transformation goals. It provides a federated approach to supervise and manage content from systems across the enterprise including Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, content manager and shared drives. Bridging the gap from on-premises to cloud EncompaaS automates the discovery, classification and management of content.

Automatic Compliance
Protect the entire enterprise with centralized policies that automate regulatory obligations and lifecycle management across systems with “always on” safeguards.

With EncompaaS you can manage compliance obligations in-place, across all business systems, to gain visibility of at-risk content across the organization and proactively address emerging risks.
You can welcome regulators and respond in real-time to any investigation or enquiry, knowing your enterprise is protected.
Document Cognition
Maximise the value of information, surfacing exceptional insights within complex and unstructured documents to power timely, accurate decisions that drive commercial benefit.
Visualize risk and opportunity across critical documents including contracts, consent forms, licenses and disclaimers.

Deepen Your Microsoft 365 Adoption
Enable rapid migration of critical data and processes into Microsoft 365 to deliver deeper engagement and adoption, while extracting insights from unstructured data that sits outside of Microsoft 365.

Maximize Technology Investments
Get maximum value and gain efficiencies from existing systems, making them more discoverable, auditable and compliant.

Preserve, extend or extinguish systems at your own pace, to suit your transformation goals.

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