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Monitor and optimize the energy expenses of your organization (sites, factories, equipment…)

<bold> A platform to help private and public sectors to take control of their energy expenses Energisme is the software platform at the heart of energy intelligence. It allows companies and local authorities to take control of their energy expenses. Developed around innovative technologises, it collects and aggregates all types of energy data (water, electricity, gas, temperature, heat, cold, steam, wood, fuel…) coming from heterogeneous sources (invoices, contracts, smart meters, sensors, BEMS, CTM…). This data is then standardized and rendered via multi-level and multi-role dashboards. Energisme then provides its customers with predictive modeling tools and an ecosystem of partners to anticipate and optimize their energy consumptions. <bold> One interface to manage all your energy projects
  • Geolocate your sites on an interactive map.
  • Visualize your energy data by period and fluid.
  • Improve your energy pricing strategy.
  • Make utility bill management effortless.
  • Create your own energy KPI.
  • Benchmark your sites depending on their energy efficiency.
  • Build your own business-oriented dashboards.
  • Customize and automate your environmental reporting.
  • Monitor your equipments, your sensors and your utilities.
  • Draw your own energy system on an interactive synoptic.
  • Model your energy consumptions with IPMVP-like standards.
  • Involve your team in your efficiency plans.
  • Make ISO 50001 compliance easy.
<bold> Target Audience
  • Energy Manager
  • Building Manager
  • CSR Manager
  • Sustainable Development Manager
  • CTO
  • CFO
  • Innovation Director
<bold> Key differentiation points
  • Collection of all technical and energy data (invoices, smart meters, sensors...)
  • Normalization of data before agregation
  • Personnalized rendering via multi-levels and multi-users dashboards
  • Total cloud-based scalability

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