Making your Digital Workplace Smarter

What is knowler?

knowler automatically finds the most relevant and accurate information from structured and unstructured data of your organization and generates valuable insights using ontologies. It creates a collaborative and knowledge sharing environment empowering and developing your people without any change in your data repository or digital workplace software.

knowler makes your Digital Workplace smarter providing updated documents, people profiles, project details, clients and the connections between that information. 


Integration with Teams

knowler has a native and bidirectional integration with Microsoft365 and has been recently integrated with Teams. 


- Mails prioritization

- Latest shared documents with you team

- Visualization of the last edited Notes

- Discover connections between employees and projects through graph navigation

- Fast searches about everything you may need from your company


- Knowledge Graphs

- Cognitive Capabilities

- Data to Knowledge and Text to Knowledge

- Artificial Intelligence

- Natural Language Processing

- Multilanguage

Benefits & Improvements within any Company

- Higher productivity

- Understands a wide range of content

- A more creative place to work

- A more engaged workforce

- Adaptable and easy to use

- Encourage personal development

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