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Create, engage, track, and learn with our suite of quiz, mindmap, flow chart and flashcard tools

If you are an educator or learner, our suite of learning content development tools, including, quizzes, mindmaps, flashcards and flow charts allows you to create amazing and engaging learning content. Use our tools to track progress, learn key concepts and engage with your audience.

Key Benefits

GoConqr for educators:
  • Create your own bespoke learning resources like flashcards, quizzes and mindmaps using the award-winning GoConqr tools
  • Use the personal app to organise and manage the learning resources and share through channel tabs
  • Attach these GoConqr resources to your Assignments and review responses in the Teams SpeedGrader
  • View reports within your class, including channel tabs and Assignments
  • Find millions of community created resources on the GoConqr community library

GoConqr for learners:
  • Just like educators you can create and share your own content to boost your learning.
  • Organise and manage the learning resources you have created on the GoConqr platform within the Teams personal app
  • Impress your teachers by attaching a GoConqr resource you have created to your Teams Assignment submission

Key Features
  • All licensed users will be able to create and edit content using the full suite of GoConqr tools, within the familiar Teams environment.
  • Users will be able to control the visibility of the content they have created and who they share this with.
  • Teachers will have access to our reporting interface, which will give them visibility into the consumption of the GoConqr content shared within their classes (via channel tabs and assignments).

About GoConqr
We are a small group of eLearning enthusiasts who like to build intuitive and engaging learning tools. Based in Dublin, Ireland, we launched GoConqr in 2015 and recently reached the amazing milestone of 14 million signed up members. Grow with us and let GoConqr be your digital backpack.

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