Competitive Intelligence

Autor: Fractal Analytics Inc.

Actionable insights on competition pricing and assortment strategies

Fractal’s AI-powered Competitive intelligence solution provides competitive pricing and assortment intelligence by harnessing competitive information available online, organizing it, and delivering it in an actionable form. With Fractal’s solution, retailers can drive profitable growth by making smarter pricing and merchandising decisions using up-to-date competitive insights.

Key Components:

  • Web Crawling: Our web crawling capability is configurable to your specific needs, ensuring scalability to handle millions of SKUs. With zip code-level information, we provide insights at a granular level. Our solution allows you to decide the frequency of extraction ensuring you can receive valuable insights at any interval that suits your business operations.
  • Product Matching: Configurable rules along with text parsing, normalization, and human-in-loop verification guarantee precision in identifying exact and similar matches even for private labels.
  • Pricing Intelligence: Take control of your market position by securing a leadership role in pricing. With real-time insights into dynamic price change trends, our solution empowers you to stay ahead. Uncover opportunities for maximizing revenue and improving margins through strategic pricing decisions ensuring your business achieves a competitive edge in the market
  • Assortment Intelligence: Optimize your product offerings by identifying assortment gaps, overlaps, and freshness. Gain insights into the popularity of competitive items ensuring your assortment stays ahead. This ensures that you are well-equipped to meet customer demand, minimize stockouts, and optimize your product assortment.

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