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Generative AI platform to increase sales, cut customer acquisition cost and grow your wallet share.

Customer context has become complex and highly nuanced today and naturally they expect real-time assistance when they are buying products or services online. The problem has now become acute with thousands of SKUs in every brand store. Product discovery has become drudgery, leave alone making the right choice. Flyfish is born at this intersection. Using Generative AI, Flyfish transform sales with consultative experience while becoming a trusted advisor.

Flyfish is a 360-degree platform that enables businesses to craft their own Consultative Sales AI. This revolutionizes buyer interactions by delivering tailored advice and recommendations, ensuring that every customer's unique needs are met across every touchpoint, while simultaneously boosting sales and optimizing customer acquisition costs.

Through the power of ChatGPT, Flyfish enables businesses to have consultative conversations with buyers, provide real-time and context-aware guidance that mimics the expertise of a seasoned sales professional. This personalization not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases the likelihood of successful conversions.

By leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Flyfish ensures unparalleled scalability, security, and reliability. Businesses can seamlessly integrate Flyfish into their existing systems and workflows, without the need for extensive overhauls.

Key Features:

· First-of-its-kind platform to provide Consultative Sales Experience using Generative AI

· Ready Integrations with CRMs and other 3rd party systems

· Custom workflows for both sales and after-sales

· Built-in expert-in-the-loop module

· Advanced dialog management – supports multi-turn conversations


· Increase sales conversion rates

· Optimize customer acquisition costs

· Boost net promoter scores

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