Autor: Fractal Analytics Inc.

Tyto nabídky představují pokročilé technické schopnosti a prokazatelné úspěchy zákazníků.

Test business ideas at scale and provide unique business insights

TrialRun is an Azure-based offering used by retailers to design and measure in-market business experiments in a statistically and scientifically sound manner.

Those experiments can be used by multiple business functions across the enterprise. They are executed on predefined sites, markets, and shoppers to support any at-scale deployment decision.

TrialRun helps companies scale their experimentation capability efficiently and affordably by providing insights into which decisions will deliver measurable business results and which will not.

TrialRun has been used for experiments such as in-store and in-market execution, store remodeling, marketing initiatives and customer reach outs. The experiments results has helped business across industries and business functions such as sales, marketing, financial planning and analysis, customer service and experience, strategy and innovation, and Human resources.

It has been deployed harnessing Azure's security features and compliance standardsfor use cases such as pricing, promotions, merchandising, in-store experience, shelf changes, new store launches, new product launches, and labor optimization.

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