Majesco Distribution Management

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Majesco distribution management solution: digital onboarding, licensing, and compensation management

Optimize Operations and Expand Distribution Channels to Drive Growth and Achieve Speed-to-Market

Experience the power of our Distribution Management software and transform your distribution operation. Onboard producers rapidly, eliminate manual paperwork, and gain real-time insights with our mobile-ready, digital self -service tools. Take control of your business and create new commission and incentive programs that provide the agility and speed required to excel in a changing distribution landscape. Stay ahead of the competition with Majesco’s next-generation technology, reduce time to market for new distribution arrangements, and support a multi-channel landscape with new partners.


Leverage robust digital capabilities to drive growth, enhance recruitment, streamline onboarding, attract top producers, provide real-time access to statements, and offer a user-friendly digital portal and mobile experience.


Enhance your channel strategy by leveraging a robust, flexible, rules-based compensation management platform that enables seamless launch and management of new distribution channels, comprehensive management of multi-channel distribution, consistent compliance through integration with NIPR Gateway rules updates, and expanded APIs for background checks, active license checks, and agent questionnaires.


Efficiently track and optimize channel performance by utilizing advanced reporting and dashboards, exporting data to advanced analytics like artificial intelligence and machine learning, comparing producer and channel performance across various parameters, and generating configurable reports by roles and functions for easy and secure access to valuable channel performance insights.

Supercharge your business with a next-generation cloud and API-enabled platform that empowers you with 3D – Digital, Distribution, and Data capabilities.

  • Quickly launch and manage new distribution channels and models with ease
  • Take advantage of highly configurable services along with automated onboarding enable “ready to sell” from weeks to hours or days, reducing complexity and improving efficiencies
  • Attract and retain top producers and channels with the digital self-service capabilities they expect and demand
  • Deliver real-time access to commission and payment statements and other self-service needs
  • Make it “Easy to do Business” with you with robust digital portal and mobile capabilities

Capabilities to Keep You Competitive

Expand and manage diverse distribution channels effortlessly—from traditional agents to digital platforms—across the entire distribution landscape.

  • Boost performance by utilizing our all-in-one platform, covering producer lifecycle management, compensation management, performance tracking, and portals.
  • Quickly launch and manage new distribution channels and models with ease
  • Manage multi-channel distribution across all lines of business with a single, comprehensive platform
  • Ensure compliance consistency with integration to National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) Gateway rules updates for states with NIPR’s producer database
  • Integration with DTCC’s Compensation file to support the life and annuity segment
  • Expanded APIs including background checks, active license checks and agent questionnaires

Business Value Delivered Everyday

Boost your competitive edge across distribution channels to stay ahead of the competition by revolutionizing your distribution strategy.

  • Streamline producer onboarding, manage multiple channels effortlessly, handle complex changes seamlessly, launch innovative contests, and personalize payment schedules
  • Track and optimize channel performance with advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Export data to advanced analytics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Compare producer and channel performance across a wide range or parameters – including targeted sales versus actual sales, persistency, and more
  • Generate configurable reports by roles and functions to provide easy and secure access to channel performance insights

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