Fusion5 D365 Managing Backorders & Reservations

Autor: Fusion5 Limited

Sales Tool - Managing Backorders & Reservations for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Fusion5’s Managing Backorders & Reservations Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations allows your organisation to manage its sales orders seamlessly to support the ordering requirements of retailers. You are able to control sales orders at line level to ensure that no products go on backorder when more stock is ordered than available. Products ordered by a retailer are reserved for that sales order, and excess ordered stock is cancelled, so that retailers can order that stock in the future. 

In addition, when you do not want to receive back orders for a particular product, at a customer level, you can easily switch between the settings and set ‘do not receive backorders’ parameters. Once a sales order reaches an invoiced status for a stock that was available, it will automatically provide a cancel deliver reminder for the items on back order. 

In the current ‘out of the box’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution cancelling sales order lines means that when running demand forecasting, you will be unable to view orders that cannot be refilled. Through the Fusion5 Add-on, you are able to cancel the delivery reminder amount, allowing demand forecasting to know that there was demand for the product, but you were unable to fulfil that demand. As a result, demand forecasting will now create manufacturing requirements to ensure you can fulfill the order in future.

By using the Sales and Marketing add-on from Fusion5 you’ll reduce the amount of manual data input required of your team, reduce the potential for making errors and empower your team to work smarter.

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