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SSAI Server Side Ad Insertion

Ad insertion simplicity. OTT monetization prosperity.

Experience a new and improved OTT streaming reality.

G-Mana provides a simple, holistic and highly innovative solution to OTT and addressable TV server-side ad insertion, with virtually zero integrations. Our goal is to help our clients shift their focus from technical challenges to successful business.

G-Mana was established by a team of veteran ad-tech and video delivery system experts. We deliver groundbreaking services that allow our clients and partners to focus on their core business, without worrying about technical integrations. We harness our in-depth ad-tech expertise and vast video experience to breathe new life into current OTT monetization methodologies. The results are highly innovative and simply effective.

Our Solution Portfolio Includes:

· Server-Side Ad Insertion

By creating a dynamic personalized ad insertion request for each user, G-Mana's SSAI service provides advertisers with new and effective viewer engagement opportunities.

· Commercial Breaks Insertion

With G-Mana, cue points manipulation has never been easier. We combine intelligent frame detection with duration prediction capabilities to help you reach your monetization goals.

· Ad Decision & Campaign Management

With G-Mana, you can manage local and external commercial inventories from one central location. Enjoy hybrid strategies and advanced delivery protocols that maximize your conversions rate.

Main Solution Advantages:

· Optimal revenue maximization

· Seamlessly blends promos, teasers & campaigns

· KPI-promoting measurement

· No need for equipment replacement

· High prefetch capabilities for optimal fill rates

· Designed to help broadcasters penetrate new marketplaces

· Fully compliant with SCTE/IAB standards

G-Mana Empower the Following Industries:

· On Premise Broadcasters

· Cloud-Based Broadcasters

· OTT Applications

· Advertisers

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