Exto e-Measurement Book

Autor: Gaea Global Technologies Inc.

360 Project Monitoring and Control Software

What is eMB?
From creating measurement books, issuing to specified stakeholders, entering & validating the records, maintaining history trails & generating abstracts & bills, everything is done online using Exto.
Problems faced with conventional MB:
No specified workflows, lot of paperwork, difficulty in tracing edits, lot of manual effort and time wasted in forwarding back data, generating abstracts & bills. Problems leading to insufficient funds which further hamper project progress.
How e-MB serves the purpose?
Well-defined workflows, edit-history trails, automatic carry forward of back data, quick generation of abstracts and RA bills, maintaining an archive of project MBs.
Substantial reduction in paperwork & manual calculations, complete process of abstract and RA bill generation expedited within a week, higher levels of transparency & standardization.
60% Reduction in RA-Bill generation Time. Improved Cash Flow Cycle. Standardized Processes and Workflows. Real-time Visibility
Electronic Measurement Book helps you to:
  • Capture measurements & create M-Books.
  • Have an approval workflow for recorded measurements.
  • Auto-calculate quantities based on various calculation formulae.
  • Create bills by consolidating multiple M-Books.
  • Facilities like partial payment, auto-carry forwarding.
  • Create recurring bills based on certified measurements.
  • Auto-consolidation for Abstract of Quantities, Abstract of Cost.
  • Tracking contractor's payment.

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