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Evolve from On-demand Training to Lifelong Learning & Workforce Transformation

When you look at the overall deployment of any new technology or new way of doing things, it doesn’t take long to see that simply deploying the solution is never all there is to the story. Deployment is not adoption and in most cases, the actual implementation of the technology is the easiest part of the entire project. If our IT projects were based solely on the deployment of the technology and could ignore the social, economic and cultural issues – implementing new solutions would be the easiest task we ever took on!

“The performance of every part of a digital transformation must be measured, every employee touching the change effort needs to train continuously, to improve where deficient and where strong. By doing so, companies can avoid the problem that dooms most digital transformations — treating it like a project instead of a process.”

— Forbes 2019

The goal is clear, but the struggle is real!

  • End Users are Frustrated and Confused
  • Office 365 Products are Updating Daily and so is our Workforce
  • Project Teams are racing to meet Cloud mandates
  • Automation is entering the workforce faster than ever before
  • End Users find it hard to make time for additional training
  • Cross-Generation Unification of the Workforce

The adoption journey is never over, new ways of working are always being discovered. Now is the time to transition from a reactive training model to a lifelong learner model. Providing your users with immediate access to the resources they need.

Unique Evolve 365 benefits that Learning Strategist Provide

With Evolve 365, you have a dedicated Microsoft Learning Strategist familiar with user adoption, the changing nature of Office 365, and driving users to engage and embrace new technology. The Learning Strategist works with your team to create and maintain relationships between you and your end-users. Through consistent communication, they will learn about your organization and provide training and communication suggestions which are relevant to your organization, as well as based on industry best practices. Rely on your Learning Strategist to guide you through the process of using new technologies or increasing user engagement on technologies you already own.

Your Evolve Learning Strategist is here to advise you and provide constant guidance by implementing critical adoption strategies, helping with ongoing support, and cultivating engagement with your end-users.

Here are just a few ways they work for you and your team:

  • Creating Engaging Email
  • Training Playlists Customized
  • Monthly Office Hours Webcasts
  • Communication Campaigns
  • Ongoing Usage Analysis
  • Training & Communication Plans

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