HCL Composable Digital Banking (Novus)

Autor: HCL Technologies Limited.

HCL Composable digital banking solution - Powering next generation digital banks

HCL Novus Bank is a composable digital banking architecture targeting a whole range of financial services providers—from traditional banks embarking on core modernization to new players rapidly building challenger banks.

HCL Novus Bank’s modern architecture addresses four key aspects of “digital” and “next-gen” solutions for banks.
- Banking anywhere: Seamless and frictionless omnichannel experience, enabling assisted self-service and “anytime, anywhere” banking.
- Seamless customer onboarding: Developed using a modern application framework running on Microsoft Azure.
- Hyper-personalized banking: Building highly targeted user experience spanning marketing, sales, and products, tailored with the customer in mind.
- FinTech ecosystem: An open API economy enabling banks to bring best-of-breed solutions to their customers including HCL Power Banking (an industry-leading accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM).

A set of market-leading modern cloud-native, API-architected applications/solutions providing business services—ranging from identity verification to Personal Financial Management (PFM). The architecture enables banks to seamlessly plug in and plug out of applications— allowing them to select the solutions that align with their specific strategic needs.
An integration layer, built on microservices-based API architecture that enables external integrations and supports business workflows.
A customer experience layer, consisting of an omnichannel integration framework and other solutions that enable seamless multi-channel user experiences.

Key Benefits:
• Ease and speed of replication into new markets and products
• Speed of launching new products/services
• Ease of horizontal scaling
• Flexibility and seamlessness in adding or dropping business services
• Ability to integrate with partners to power diverse business models.
• Using open technologies and APIs to create lifestyle banking services thereby allowing banks to increase customer wallet share
• Differentiated customer journeys and in-app experiences, led by Design Thinking best practices
• Intuitive implementation of core banking functionalities making the system easy to use for end customers
• HCL Novus Bank oers a loosely-coupled and cloud-native architecture that can provide sandpits for experimentation and scenario analysis—facilitating innovation with low overheads.
• Allows for driving innovation within banks using an innovation lab model with Novus Bank at the core to explore the art of the possible

The unique features offered by Novus Bank along with the engineering and transformation experience of HCL provide banks of different sizes to pursue their digital and innovation agendas. This provides an innovative platform for banks to look into the future, experiment with relevant features, and then decide what features they would like to incorporate for their customers. This powerful value proposition allows banks to transform themselves into ecosystem providers offering end-to-end services their customers expect rather than being pure financial services providers.

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