QikkDB | GPU accelerated columnar database

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QikkDB is a GPU accelerated columnar database especially for geospatial applications is a GPU accelerated columnar database, delivering stellar performance for complex polygon operations and big data analytics. When you count your data in billions and want to see real-time results you need QikkDB.

QikkDB is most impressive when processing flat tables with vast amounts of data. It’s here where the real-time response you get seems unbelievable. It enables you to select points inside polygons and do this on a massive dataset from a telco while still maintaining a real-time response. QikkDB works great with numbers, GEO data, date and time data. And all you need to know is the SQL standard. Integrate into your BI or apps over ODBC/JDBC, C#, JAVA or Python.

Industries that need the speed: AUTOMOTIVE (dynamic pricing in sharing economy, predictive maintenance, streamed sensor data analytics, location based offerings); TELCO (for Real-time analytics); MARKETING (for Advanced automation); FINANCE (for Fraud detection); IOT (for Smart technology); UTILITIES (for Network utilization & analysis, smart meter analytics). 

Solve your own specific issue with QikkDB and let us know. You could become part of our special adopter program. The application QikkDB is available in English and Slovak.

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