Zendesk Asana Connector

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Simple integration between Zendesk and Asana

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Zendesk Asana Connector

Connect your customer support software Zendesk and bug tracking tool Asana.

Create Task from Zendesk in Asana.

How a Task is created from Zendesk, which are the details provided by default & The Complete Processes is explained below with an example so that user can see & feel the simplicity of our App.

  • For example, after a customer reports a bug, the agent can file a bug in Asana directly from your Zendesk. After fixing the bug, a developer can add a comment to the task directly from Asana which is most important to solve the communication gap.
  • As an agent, you can create a Task from a ticket, or link to an existing Task from a ticket. You can then use the link to track the progress made by the product team on addressing the issue. For example, within Zendesk Support you can view details about a bug you filed in Asana.
  • Know How to use the App.

In the App we have 4 Options.

  1. Create Task
  2. Link
  3. Notify

01. Creating Task.

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