Business Process Automation with AuraPortal & ICE

Autor: Intertec Systems LLC

Zero code iBPM Solution on Azure to optimize processes with Automation and Agility.

Intertec helps to build and automate customer’s business processes without programming and get them up and running on Azure in as early as 4 months with the help of AuraPortal, an iBPMS solution. The solution benefits from Azure Infrastructure as a service, Virtual machines, Cloud services, Azure Virtual network, Load Balancer, VPN Gateway, Storage, Network infrastructure and Azure SQL database.  Since the Azure cloud takes care of the Security, Compliance, and Privacy, it helps us to be more focused in delivering our solution at an optimal flexibility and faster innovation. 

The Platform has the following advantages:

  1. Zero code– No programming errors
  2. Reduced development time – Easy to diagram and make changes to the process on the fly
  3. Business driven

The solution contains the following:

  1. Creation and automation of business processes
  2. Business rules implementation
  3. Integration with internal systems
  4. Deep BI Analytics

Solution Benefits:

  1. Continuous service improvement – Make changes on the fly.
  2. Quick time to market – Implement faster through zero code platform.
  3. Personalized dashboards

Why Intertec?

  1. Pool of trained and certified resources on AuraPortal
  2. Subject matter experts across various domains
  3. Strong Management buy-in from Intertec & Auraportal
  4. Physical presence across GCC.
  5. Flexible support model.

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