Learning Curve

Autor: ITWorx Edu FZ LLC

LearningCurve is a comprehensive platform that allows organizations to PLAN, TRACK and MANAGE .

LearnignCurve is a social learning platform that helps professionals develop their skills without losing the essence of peer interaction and teamwork

It helps a seamless engagement between the trainers the trainees and the administration of the entity, allowing distant learning, time management, collaboration, cutting cost, measuring effectiveness and employee management through enhanced report capabilities.

LearningCurve can help
  • Corporates who are aware of Ed. Technology and looking for a solution that has it all
  • Corporates with needs to their employee progress through the development process
  • Corporate who are in need of inserting the concept of gamification to enhance competition between peers
  • Corporates who are challenged by incorporating training into their busy schedules
  • Corporates with needs to find an all in one solution
  • Managers with challenges to monitor subordinate's’ development process
  • Small, Medium and large enterprises
LearningCurve eliminates challenges such as
  • Analyzing training needs versus competencies and skills for each employee
  • Addressing multi-generational organizations and multi-modal learners
  • Resistance to dedicate time for conventional training
  • Collecting feedback on training programs
  • Transferring knowledge amongst peers in the organization
LearningCurve helps you measure the training ROI, based on employee and organization performance through
  • Effectiveness measurement module, that helps you assess the Effectiveness of the courses and measure their real impact on the employees
  • A planning module, to further help you decide on what competencies does a corporation needs to develop on a segment, individual and corporate levels
  • Prices, that are affordable with respect to that of the competitors through the wide range of bundled features
  • Customer Success team; a proactive team that initiates contact with a customer rather than wait for customers to approach, the team offers support and gathers feedback that will let us continue enhancing our platform
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Gamification as a part of the learning process

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