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Empowering Your Machine Shop from Quote to Cash

KeyedIn offers custom manufacturers a solution that enables efficiency, profitability, and growth through flexible ERP software, specifically designed to work the way manufacturers do business.

Generate New Opportunities
KeyedIn gives manufacturers real-time insights into all their opportunities, including the ability to prioritize the most profitable jobs and manage customers and suppliers more efficiently.

Quote Faster
KeyedIn allows manufacturers to easily create estimates for new parts from scratch, improve estimating accuracy by utilizing past work orders, and leverage standard price breaks for repeat customers.

Manage Sales & Work Orders
With KeyedIn, manufacturers can easily convert quotes to sales orders without rekeying the data and auto-create work orders for custom jobs.

Plan & Schedule
KeyedIn enables you to put the right people on the right project at the right time by giving you a 360-degree view of machine utilization, employee availability, and production capacity.

Control Materials & Inventory
KeyedIn gives manufacturers the tools needed to proactively manage supplier deliveries, track material lots or individual serial numbers, minimize inventory obsolescence, and reduce material expedites.

Track Labor
With KeyedIn, manufacturers are able to eliminate manual time cards and collect direct and indirect labor costs in real-time to instantly gain visibility into earned hours, employee efficiency, and machine utilization.

Ship & Invoice
KeyedIn allows manufacturers to integrate with common shipping carriers for more accurate freight charges and tracking information and proactively manage potential late deliveries more effectively.

Analyze Results
KeyedIn enables manufacturers with 24/7/365 insight into the health of their business through real-time dashboards to improve cash flow and ultimately generate more accurate and timely month-end reports.

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