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SHELFIE minimises inventory stock-outs by identifying empty shelves and alerting staff

SHELFIE is a software platform that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate shelf availability in real time. The comparison technology and algorithms built into the SHELFIE architecture provide a unique and sophisticated method of determining gaps and incorrectly placed items on a shelf, as well as being able to calculate a percentage of shelf for fresh produce.

SHELFIE supports retailers with planogram compliance, dynamic on-shelf product repositioning, customer experience, real-time availability of products and staff efficiency.

SHELFIE is first loaded with a base image, which is used to compare against for future analysis. The base image is overlaid with product information to allow SHELFIE to report on products with gaps and also which products are incorrectly displayed. New images are regularly sent to SHELFIE to be analysed and the results are available in real time.

SHELFIE has a web-based portal to view all dashboards and analytics. Data can also be displayed via a mobile app, along with the tasks generated by the SHELFIE platform.

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