Autor: LaLiga Tech, S.L.

Collect fan data from all digital channels to build 360-degree personalised campaigns

LaLiga Tech Fan Activation permits the integration of the entire digital fan experience (e-commerce, landing pages, websites and other activities) to create a 360-degree view of the fan and generate multichannel campaigns with a new level of intelligence and success, using direct and indrect monetisation.

The platform creates multi-channel connections with a global fanbase, capturing and analysing the data that they share. By gathering and analysing this first-party data in a single location, Fan Activation users gain a complete understanding of how fans are interacting with every level of a competition, rather than a siloed view, which allows for much more relevant, personalised targeting. Using Single Sign On, the user receives a connected experience from the point of service through to activation, which creates campaigns that are more targeted, impactful and profitable.

Connecting the entire ecosystem in this way gives unprecedented insight about how a competition is performing, and analysing this breadth of data enables a new level of real-time decision making for sports properties. The Fan Activation platform builds specific customer journeys for sports fans, paying specific attention to retention and anti-churn strategies, while developing fans into heavy users.

Users of Fan Activation can also generate indirect monetisation (acquisition of more fans, greater exposure to content, loyalty building, more access channels for fans) and direct monetisation (through ads, subscriptions or pay-per-view) campaigns using the data that has been collected.

The ecosystem approach behind Fan Activation is a vital part of securing joined up and strategic thinking within the industry. Sports fans can discover competitions through a huge variety of channels and only by connecting these dots can we build a true picture of what they really want. This brings huge benefits first and foremost to the fan, who wants a more personalised and memorable experience, but of course to our wider ecosystem who can then engage with this audience better.

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